Getting Organized for the New School Year

I am a big planner and I love being organized but... I have a hard time sticking with the plan. Anyone else? I have purchased a lot of planners and printed a ton of free printable ones. This year I am doing something a little different though. My boys are becoming more independent and will have their own planners (that will be another post), so I will only be planning our group learning which will include (read about our curriculum choices here):
  • Mystery of History Volume 1
  • We Choose Virtues
  • Zeezok Music Appreciation
  • Supercharged Science
I am a planner addict and this is the planner [they are available at Staples and Office Depot just added a new line! also for a super nice version, check out Levenger] that I use and love, with my Frixion (ERASABLE!) pens and washi tape. Those are the 3M tabs that you can write on, I use those on my dividers because I like to be able to move things around. 
I have a weekly section that has areas for my life, blog/business, health, and (my) school; I got it from Polka Dot Posie. But the newest addition to my planner is a homeschool section. I have always used, or tried to use, a separate planner for homeschooling and, clearly, that was not working. Like my other planner, it helps to have everything in one place, and always with me. I looked all over the internet and pinterest and etsy to find one that I liked. I am lazy and I really didn't want to make my own. Why try to reinvent the wheel? I got the weekly planner here. I printed the weekly calendar on one side, and their note page on the other side, cut them in half (they are junior size, which is half a regular sheet of printer paper or 8.5" x 5.5"), and punched them to go in my planner. Here is a picture of how they look:
I have started filling them out and if all works out we should finish the first quarter of Mystery of History before our vacation in October. YAY! Well, that is my homeschool planner. I think I finally found something that will work. I love the note section next to the week, and also the small Sat/Sun at the bottom so I can remind myself of any prep work that I need to do. Off we go to year four of homeschooling!

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