2014-15 Curriculum Choices


{History, Geography, Bible}
Mystery of History Volume 1
The Picture Smart Bible (K-3)

{Nature Study}
Geology focused (delight directed)
Unit Study from Amy Payson
Unit Study from Noah's Ark Homeschool Academy
Resource List from Eclectic Homeschool Online

We Choose Virtues

{Foreign Language}
To be determined

{Art & Music}
Zeezok Music Appreciation
Daily Drawing, Nature Drawing

{Unit Studies-delight directed}
Nikolas-Roller Coasters
Joshua- Digital Photography

>>Joshua: Age 8, Grade 3
Bible: Monarch
Math: Monarch
Language Arts: Monarch
Social Studies (History and Geography): Monarch
Science: Monarch
Health: Horizons
A Reason for Handwriting: Transition Book {continuing}
Music Lessons (hopefully)
Note about Monarch: We will be using Alpha Omega's new 1 Year Individual Plan, which saves $50!

>>Nikolas: Age 6.5, Grade 2
Bible: Lifepac
Math: A+ Tutor Soft
Language Arts: Lifepac
Science: Lifepac
Social Studies (History): Lifepac
Health: Horizons
Handwriting: Horizons and Copywork
Art: Chalk Drawing

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