Fall is in the Air.

I can't believe it is September. I can feel fall in the air but fall is much shorter here. I heard that is snowed in late September here last year. Yikes. I just hope our household goods are all here before the cold sets in. Our car should be here this week but when we will be able to drive it depends on customs. I ordered our school supplies and curriculum but made some changes to the plan (of course I did). We are waiting for that to all arrive. In the meantime, we are doing math, reading, copywork/handwriting, and some geography just to get warmed up for the real deal in the next few weeks.
Nikolas drew this picture of him and I together. 
Our Russian lessons from DinoLingo have arrived.
I've been busy with school!
Only with Legos could Harry Potter and a ninja ride in the same vehicle.
Riding the train to Legoville?
Joshua's beautiful handwriting.
Joshua is finally losing some teeth. 
Nikolas loves his bed and asked me to take this picture.

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