Starting to get settled.

It is a long process but we are slowly getting settled in. We are sleeping through the night now and we no longer need that nap in the afternoon. We are starting to settle into a routine. I have some interim school activities printed out to start on Monday. I unpacked and washed and washed and washed all our new bedding and linens. The water stopped working yesterday in the whole neighborhood. I was assured that the water is very steady here but they are doing a lot of construction nearby. I can actually watch them from my office window. Here are some pictures of our new bedding that we are all super excited about!
This is our bedding that hubs picked out at IKEA.
Joshua's space bed, complete with glow in the dark planets and stars.
Nikolas chose dinosaurs!
Astana is a booming city. The boys and I went on a quick newcomer tour of the city yesterday. If I had money to spend I would buy a crane and rent it out. I have never seen so many cranes in all my life. There are new buildings as far as the eye can see. Oil is the country's main source of revenue and it is nice to see them putting so much of that money back into the people here. There are beautiful museums, landscaping, and opera houses. I didn't take any pictures on our tour because it was a bit hazy and had been raining. You can see some great pictures on my Pinterest board that others have taken. I am looking forward to exploring and learning more about the city.
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