24 in 24

This is a list of goals that I would like to complete in the next twenty-four months. This will be the two years that we are in Kazakhstan.
  1. Crochet a blanket.
  2. Finish my associate's degree.
  3. Finishing reading through the Bible (I'm using the ESV Chronological Reading Plan in YouVersion).
  4. Learn to make jam or jelly.
  5. Teach myself to can jam or jelly.
  6. Perfect my snow/ice driving skills.
  7. Make an exercise goal for six weeks and stick to it. 
  8. Speak some Russian and do it confidently. 
  9. Visit Israel.
  10. Prepare a traditional Kazakh meal. 
  11. Use Motivated Moms and keep up on housekeeping. {affiliate}
  12. Customize blog (background, header, button, etc).
  13. Art journal once a week for six weeks. 
  14. Paint once a week for six weeks.
  15. Do six DIY projects from Pinterest {from here or here}.
  16. Try six new recipes from Pinterest {like these}.
  17. Master (not like the Cake Boss or anything) cake-decorating.
  18. Use a meal plan system for six weeks and like it. 
  19. Build my Scentsy business.
  20. Complete 30 Days to Becoming a Woman of Prayer.
  21. Pray for Jason for thirty days.
  22. Pray for Joshua for thirty days.
  23. Pray for Nikolas for thirty days.
  24. Pray for adoption for thirty days.
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