Our TOP TEN Fun and Educational Apps for Android

These are in no particular order.
1. Minecraft may seem like a fun game but my kids have learned so much about building and working together (on wi-fi they can connect to each other's games). [Minecraft is -hands down- my boys favorite game on any platform.]
2. Stack the States is amazing for US geography. My second grader knows every state, most of the capitals and its location because of this app!
3. Stack the Countries is more challenging that Stack the States but both of my boys have learned so much world geography.
4. Presidents VS. Aliens works a lot like the Stack apps, but you will learn the presidents and fun facts about them.
5. Tower Math is strategy and math put together. You can choose which operations and have fun learning.
6. Bible for Kids is worth its weight in gold but they give it away! The graphics are beautiful and there are new stories available all the time. My boys love to interact with the app and learn about the Bible.
7. Math Blaster 2 is a lot of fun and you can also choose operations. My boys will play this for a long time and not realize they are learning.
8. Cubes vs. Spheres is all strategy. It is a brain game that takes critical thinking.
9. Gus on the Go is available in many languages and is a great introduction to language learning. We are starting Portuguese, so that is what I have linked above. It is great for adults just starting out, too.
10. Second Grade Learning Games (aka Owl Learning) has a great variety of different learning activities and is also available for other grade levels.

  • Please note that the links above are for the Amazon App Store. They are affiliate links, so I might make a little profit if you buy them through my links. 
  • Some of these apps are available for free but we choose to buy the upgraded versions without ads, this helps protect our children, as well as our credit card. 
This is an affiliate link to the tablets that we chose for our children, it has a Kids Mode feature that also protects them and limits their access to things. We can also control in-app purchases. We've been using these for about six months are very happy. We got them keyboards, so they can use them for school as well.
The internet can be a scary place. 
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