Craft Organizer DIY

I am tired of pencils and markers in ice cream buckets! I was planning on purchasing something so I was cruising Pinterest to find some ideas and I found some different ideas. But I cam up with this mostly on my own. I cut paper towel rolls to size for pencils, shorter for markers and even shorter for crayons. I covered them in scrapbook paper (this is retired Designer Series Paper from Stampin' UP! [this is my link to my consultant page]) in corresponding colors. Red {for red and orange}, purple {for purple and pink}, blue, {just for all the blues}, green {for green and yellow}, brown {for all the browns and tans}, and black {for black, white and gray}. I used a sturdy box to put it all in (this is a box for our Nabi2 tablet and is really thick). I have hidden duct tape between all the rolls to hold it in really well. Those tubes aren't going anywhere! There is a little space in front of the crayons that is perfect for pencil sharpeners, glue sticks, and scissors. It really is perfect for us to use and keep out on the table during our lessons!
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