Spring Break (Venice)

Now that it is just about summer, I will share our spring break vacation pictures. I did a lot of cappuccino drinking and relaxing. It was fabulous. so. fabulous. This is part una (one for the non-Italianos).
the view from our hotel. 
This is where we stayed and I highly recommend it! You can see (but not hear) the train tracks. We took that into Venice in about 20 minutes. It was very quiet and much cheaper than staying inside the city.
 We first visited Murano, a smaller island next to Venice. This is where all the glass blowing is done.

We went on a tour and visited the gallery. Yowza! I couldn't take pictures inside. 

This is a different glass blower. The video is cool!

The Alps covered in snow from the boat, heading back to Venice.

My breakfast buddy enjoying his caldo chocolate.
 We drove over the Alps on the way to and from Venice. It is breathtaking.

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