Spring Break (Bavaria)

After a day on the mountain...
 The next few pictures are on the train coming down from the Zugspitze. And they go in reverse order. Sorry.

A visual. We were at the red arrow! 
The next few are on top of the mountain. The potato soup was awesome, too.

 Walking around town, I just love the paintings and the adorable houses. Too bad it is SO expensive to live in Garmisch. Yes, we looked.

My fantastic husband booked a trip for the two of us to Greisbrau, which is a Micro Brew. We are officially beer masters now.

beer+liquor+whipped cream=awesome

With the brew master!

He was showing us how it is all made.

The view from Edelweiss Lodge. 
We stayed at Edelweiss Lodge in 2009, as active duty military, as it is a military resort. They also allow foreign service members to stay there. Here is the link, if you're interested. If you are eligible then you need to stay here at some point!
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