Changes are coming!

1) Praise God, we lived through the sub-zero winter here in Astana. It doesn't look much like summer outside today but the temperatures are much better now. This is change #1 and it is good!
2) We are changing curriculum. I know you're shocked. I'll share the details soon but just about everything we used this year is out the window. Big changes.
3) I started a Twitter account. Bizarre. Hubs started one so I felt really behind the times because he doesn't even have a Facebook account.  on Twitter.
4) DRUM ROLL PLEASE! I am in the process of launching my new blog called Encouraged Over Coffee! Our Adventures Abroad will still be my personal and homeschool blog so keep following this one. I will post more about EOC (the new blog) soon. I'm super excited about it and went totally official and bought the domain name and everything. I am setting up a Facebook page to go with it, too. You know me, Miss Social.
Here are some pictures of the boys. I'll also post our spring break adventure pictures soon.

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