Living and Active Challenge Update

It seems that whenever I commit to a challenge some road block jumps out at me and I can never finish. I'm sure it is just excuses because I know people that have much more going on than I do that still get their workouts done. My husband was sick, I'm overwhelmed with school, homeschooling, living without all my things (still waiting for our shipment!), housework... You get it. Excuses. Lots of them. And now the weather is turning colder, there is another one. All of those excuses should be reasons that I exercise not reasons to skip a workout.
Saturday, Hubs dropped me off at the gym (at his workplace, we don't pay for a membership) and took the boys to get groceries. I was there for an hour. I ran (well, let's not exaggerate, it was much more of a jog) and lifted weights, heavy weights. I did squats and lunges. I used the 75 pound bar to do squats! It was awesome! And the only reason I didn't do more was because the bar was hurting my shoulders. My legs could've done more. I am still sore but it felt good. I love being sore because I know my body is getting stronger.
Soon (like, hopefully, next week!) our water rower will be here and I can get into a routine. I'm hoping to have a good weight lifting session at least once a week. And carbs... I've been eating too many. I am not going low-carb but I need to cut back because I'm not eating balanced. More protein and veggies, even if we have to sell a kidney to afford lettuce this winter (I've heard that it can get up to $16 a head for lettuce!). It is so good to have such an encouraging husband.

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