Sharpie Tie Dye Shirt

This was so easy and I love the end result! I'm sure I'll be making more. This week is Vacation Bible School and the boys needed to wear different colored shirts each day. Today was purple but Nikolas didn't have a purple shirt, so I ran to Target. Target had NO purple shirts for boys. I looked in the toddler sizes and even the girls' section to find something. But then I remembered the pin I'd seen about tie-dyeing with Sharpies. I love Sharpies. Here is the tutorial that I used.
First I made a stencil, then I put my cutting board inside the shirt so it wouldn't bleed onto the back. I used a purple sharpie to make "flare" marks around the border. I filled a small spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and watched the ink spread. It was really cool. The more I sprayed it the farther it spread. I put it in the dryer for twenty minutes or so. Martha Stewart said to use the dryer or a hot iron to set the color and then you can wash it on gentle cycle in cold water with dark or like colors. I haven't washed it yet, so we'll see.

And here is the result! He loves it!

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