A Homeschool Convention

The boys and I attending the HEAV Convention in Richmond and I am so happy that we did. I met some neat people, saw some interesting things, and got to explore curriculum. This was a great experience and it was nice to be in a place with like-minded people. I enjoyed workshops from Zan Tyler and Dianne Craft. I spent so much time walking around the exhibit hall, talking to vendors and learning about their products and trying them out. Joshua loved trying out Teaching Textbooks. I spent a lot of time with the My Father's World team. I fell in love with Bilingual Books. I purchased some great books from Zondervan for 50% off! We met the family behind the Lego movie Jericho. I bought soap and a beautiful necklace made by homeschooling hands. I discovered Queen Homeschool products. And got a tote bag and lip balm from Liberty University, where I will be attending in the fall. I hadn't planned on going to the Used Curriculum Sale but I thought I'd check it out, just so I didn't miss anything. I ended up with a great bag of books (including the Russia in a Bag curriculum book from Konos, some Beth Moore, and lots of fiction for the boys) for only $44!
The boys played with Legos and robots and learned more about chess. They made crafts and learned songs and played games with other homeschool kids.
We won't be living in the States next year but if we were I would definitely attend again. Even if you feel like a pro-homeschooler, you need to attend. It was refreshing and informational. I also purchased the MP3 of all the workshops because I wanted to spend more time in the exhibit hall. Now I can listen and pause as needed.
I surrendered my ticket to see the Duggars. I don't really follow them but I know there were people dying to see them. I saw the line... I hate lines.

Sneakers and a skirt? Only a homeschool mama at a convention!

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