I'm Going to the HEAV Convention!

2013 Homeschool Convention
I am so excited to be attending a homeschool convention! I have been checking over the list of exhibitors and speakers. I don't know where to begin, there are so many people, workshops, and du du du... The exhibition hall! A huge hall filled to the brim with homeschool box day! I am super excited to see the Duggars. We don't watch the show (maybe I'll start) but I am in awe of Michelle Duggar's peace and calmness. That can only come from God! I've been looking at Pinterest and reading tips from friends about what to do and must-see ideas.
I know not all my readers homeschool and you might not understand my excitement, but MAN, I AM EXCITED!
Special thanks to my awesome husband who didn't even bat an eyelash when I asked him about going. He doesn't get to go but I think he'll enjoy some quiet time and hopefully a long bike ride while we're gone. I love that guy.
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